GPS Visit Verification



Using the Global Positioning System, better known by it's abbreviation of GPS, it is easy to determine the precise location that a Caregiver logged in and/or out from. With GPS enabled, the location the Caregiver logged in and out at can be shown on the Telephony Schedules screen using the "Geolocation Verified" column.


Caregiver Setup

To get started using GPS visit verification, make sure your Caregiver has a GPS-enabled device (ex. smart phone) and that they can login to the Caregiver mobile app (  When the Caregiver logs in, their Schedules are displayed, and they can login and logout. In the mobile site a check-mark appears when the Caregiver has successfully logged in or out.


Schedule View

Schedule Detail



Company Settings

To use GPS visit verification you need a Generations Telephony account and GPS must be enabled on the Telephony General Settings area of Company Settings.  


Establish Client Geolocation - Option 1

For each Client that you want to use GPS Visit Verification, you must establish geolocation. This setup only needs to be done one time for a single visit for the client. Once geolocation is established, all future GPS visits  automatically compare to the established location. We recommend the following method of determining the correct geolocation:

  1. Have your Caregiver login when at the Client's location.

  2. Edit the record on Telephony Schedules and click the View Map link.

  3. A map opens to show the location that the Caregiver logged in at, and the map should also show the Client's address.

  4. Select "Set Geolocation" next to the call record.



Establish Client Geolocation - Option 2

You can also establish (or review and change) a Client's geolocation from the Client's Personal Data screen. Locate the Geolocation button on the right-hand side of the screen underneath the photo.