Setup for Caregiver and Client Logins


It is also possible for Clients and Caregivers to log into Generations Online and view their Schedules. They cannot make any changes to the Schedule, only read the information. Caregivers may also be given the ability to view their specific Client's Plan of Care.


Enable Generations for Client and Caregiver Logins

  1. Login to and Select Company Settings from the Admin menu.

  2. Select the Other Options tab, and look to the Web Schedules section.

  3. Check Enable Client/Caregiver Login and other options as desired.

  4. Ensure that each Client/Caregiver has a unique email address and password.

  5. Tell your Clients/Caregivers how to sign in. They use the same website and agency ID that you do.



Assign E-mail, passwords, and Enable the Web Login for  your Clients and Caregivers

On the Client and Caregivers Personal Data tab, you must enter an Email, Web Password, and check the Enable Web Login box. Once entered your Clients and Caregivers can login to Generations Online and view their calendar.


Verify using reports

The following reports will show you any problems with Client or Caregiver logins.